Thursday, August 02, 2007

Salad Days

During the summer and with a now 6 week old in the house, salads are a very easy dinner for mom and dad. We always have salads with dinner and often we create huge salads as the main course, it is something that I have blogged about previously.

Fresh produce and veggies are key to any salad and we recently scored some excellent stuff at Volante Farms. If you live in the 'greater' Needham area Volante is a great place to get your produce from in addition to some killer pies.

The most current haul included some fantastic tomatoes. Feeling a bit light headed from the lack of sleep, I figured a nice tomato rose would be the right touch to the salad.

The key to making a tomato rose is all in the knife work. A very sharp paring knife is essential. If your knives are long in the tooth, get them sharpened.

Basically, you peel the skin in one continuous piece from the tomato. You can do this with apples or pretty much any type of fruit. The peeling in a bit of a slice and saw action. Just stay focused and make sure you do not cut deep into the flesh.

Once you are finished, you get a long piece of skin as you can see above. The next step is to roll up the skin and while holding the bottom widen out the top of the role with your finger. It should look something like this.

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