Friday, July 27, 2007

All we do is wine

How to make your wine cozy

We drink our fair share of red wine. The challenge of how to prevent the drops that occur when pouring wine, from running down the bottle and staining our counter or table is not a huge challenge but it is a bit of a pain.

Licking the side of the bottle does work and it also helps you from wasting any wine. The downside is that it does not look good in front of company. Many wine sites sell those little rings that go around the bottle or there are a variety of other gadgets that keep the drip at bay.

The problem with any gadget that, is that you need to bring the gadget with you. A much easier method is to make a little bottle thing (help me with a word here) with a napkin. Any place you would bring a bottle to has a napkin. If they don't ahve napkins they probably have a paper towels. If they don't have napkins or paper towels, they probably don't care about wine getting on the counter and table.

1) Spread out a napkin flat. These are Costco's finest napkins :-)

2) Fold the napkin length wise into thirds

3) Loop the napkin around the wine bottle and make a bit of a tail with the napkin. The tail will be tucked back under the bottle.

4) Fold the tail back under. If you do it correctly, the napkin itself will keep the bottle thing in place.

5) Slide the napkin over the bottle and gently press down to set the napkin in place.

Ta Da

Now if I can only make it fit around a rectangular bottle I can cover up my MD 20/20

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T.W. Barritt said...

Very ingenious - we wouldn't want to lose a single drop!