Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Cutting Edge

In preparation for some serious cutting next week I got my knives sharpened. Years ago my parents bought me a set of knives for my birthday. After checking out a whole bunch of them I settled on Lamson & Goodnow's LamsonSharp knives. I have been very happy with them. Knives are a very personal thing and for me the balance and heft are great. The problem with them is that they are a bitch to sharpen. LamsonSharp has a program where you can send back the knives and they will sharpen them at no charge. Having done this, I never felt the knives were that sharp.

How do you know if you knives are sharp?

You should be able to hold a piece of paper and without pressure, slice the paper with the knife. My knives have never been able to do this upon return from the company. I finally brought them to Kitchen Arts in Boston. If you are not from Boston or care not to make it in you can mail the knives to them and they will sharpen them up and ship them back to you.

For 23 dollars, my knives can back a day latter in tip top shape. It is hard to see from this photo but there is a nice , even and consistent new edge to the blade. I highly recommend getting your knives done professionally.

As you may already know a sharpening steel is not for sharpening your knives at all. The steel merely realigns the edge of the blade. An entertaining and informative overview of the hows and whys of knife sharpening is by Alton Brown.

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