Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Popcorn Time

Not sure you heard, but there is only one undefeated team left in the NFL

When you can make catches like that, why wouldn't you still be undefeated?

The Colts are a very good team but I doubt that they would have been able to overcome the level of bogus penalties that New England faced during the game. Faceguarding, come on that used to be a penalty but has not been in years, next time roll out the A team for the umpires.

The Dallas / Pats game was really not a call for popcorn regardless of what TO had to say. However, truth be told, any time we have an excuse to make some popcorn we jump on it. Both the sou chef and I are huge fan of popcorn, or as we say in Massachusetts, we think popcorn is pissa!

About a year ago I wrote about our love affair with popcorn and the fantastic Whirley Pop Popcorn Popper. So we got on the step stool climbed to the top of the pantry and pulled ol'reliable down.

In terms of actual popcorn we have tried pretty much everything. From the organic stuff at Whole Foods, which was not that good, to the fancy White Cat Popcorn at Williams-Sonoma. The best, most reliable popcorn is still Orville Redenbacher popcorn. We use a half a cup of popcorn, a shake or two of sea salt, about one tablespoon of oil and one tablespoon of unsalted butter. All of this goes into the Whirley and away we go.

The sou chef went to town on cranking away

a few minutes later out came the fluffy white gold.

Rather then just have the standard popcorn we did a little combo action. We made four varities of popcorn; 1) black pepper, 2) lime popcorn, 3) hot sauce and Parmigiana cheese and, 4) plain or just salted popcorn.

A little bit of all the variations

You can see the hot sauce trapped in the popcorn

Hard to show 'lime' popcorn but you get the idea

The easiest way to add anything to popcorn is to scoop some into a lunch size brown paper bag and the add the topping or flavor. This way you can shake it up really well and the bag takes any excess oil away. For the hot sauce and Parmigiana cheese, I add a good four to five shakes of sauce and then maybe a tablespoon of cheese. You can use cayenne pepper as well but I like the way the sauce gets trapped. Add the sauce first then the cheese, shake it up real well and the when you pour it into a serving bowl make sure the excess is kept in the bag.

We have also made kettle corn, which is basically adding sugar at the very moment of popping, but that takes over the whole batch. If you want to pretend you are at a fancy restaurant I will make some with truffle oil and charge you $12 for the serving.

popcorn, truffle, cheese, hot sauce


T.W. Barritt said...

This is great - I've got an old air popper, that I should pull out again. I've never tried flavoring popcorn myself, but it sounds like this is simple to do and a lot of fun.

(Have you ever flavored popcorn with maple syrup? :-))

Bradley said...

I have not tried maple syrup but I would imagine you could add it at the end, much the same as kettle corn.

Susan said...

Popcorn and football are two of my faves! And hey TW--I had maple flavored popcorn on Sunday! I LOVE IT! :)