Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Great Cornholio

I am The Great Cornholio

Mostly to my own and a few other people's amusement, I do a great Cornholio impression. The relevance of me telling you all this is yet another tie in to corn. While it is a stretch it is much better then Orville Redenbacher

( um can you say scary?)

I will take your popcorn and your little dog too!!!

I love popcorn, I even have a bowl I got for Christmas from my mother-in-law that has my initials on it just for popcorn. So while this is going to be a rather short post it is still a post that is near to my heart.

As a general rule microwave popcorn sucks - The one exception we have found is Little Bear Snack Foods. Their microwave popcorn is organic and you can get it without salt or without oil. It does not stink up your house or turn your microwave gross on
the inside. If you need to have microwave popcorn on hand, this is the one to go with. I have been able to find it at Super Stop and Shops. Strangely enough I can not find it at Whole Foods, which has ever other Little Bear Snack Food product.

What I prefer to do is make popcorn the old fashioned way on my stove.

The way we roll is to use a Whirley Pop Popcorn Popper, the thing is amazing! I am on my second (the first I decided to run through the dishwasher, which they say not to do and I ruined it). It is fast and looks cool for a popcorn popper.

The best method to cook popcorn is pretty simple here is what I do and I get pretty high marks from the three year old crowd.

- Use about 2 tablespoons of crisco oil
- Roughly 3/4 cup of corn. I say roughly because different brands pop better then sum.
- Any type of corn. I have used the fancy brands and the cheap bags you get at the store. The difference is usually how many kernels are left over. Stick with one brand and you will know how it pops.
-About 1 tablespoon of butter
-Salt to taste

What I do is add it all together at the start. Then over medium heat I start cranking the Whirley popper. That is it , serve and enjoy!

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Sarah said...

I have one of those poppers too! I love it!