Saturday, March 03, 2007


I was unable to post my usual Thursday post this week due to the passing of my Aunt. I packed up quickly and headed to Ohio for the funeral.

It was a long couple of days.

My Aunt was know for many things, a mother, a sister a teacher. I will certainly remember what a fantastic baker she was. My mother, her sister, who passed away 10 years ago was a very good cook, but my Au
nt had a natural ability as a baker. Her apple cake and cheese cake are fantastic. The one baked good I will remember her for is her mandell bread. Mandell bread, a twice baked bread much like a biscotti, was highly sought after from my Aunt.

As I look into our pantry and see the container she gave my father and I filled with the twice baked bread I know it will never be filled up again.

Next Thursday we will be past the traditional 7 days of mourning and maybe if I can muster it up I will see if I can make a mandell bread. Once I am done, I will pour a glass of milk and enjoy the bread while thinking of my mom and my aunt together and the wonderful meals that the cook and the baker can make together again.

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T.W. Barritt said...

So sorry to hear about your loss. You should really make the Mandell Bread when you can. It would be a wonderful way to remember and honor your Aunt, and something that would certainly please her.