Thursday, January 04, 2007

Pizza Pizza

It is a toss up between popcorn and pizza for which food I could eat everyday. As any good parent should I am trying to pass my food cravings along so I have a partner in crime. Several weeks ago we decided to make some pizza at home.

My usual method is to make the pizza on the grill outside. One does not need a pizza stone or anything fancy like that and the pizza is fantastic. I was reluctant to try it inside since the results have usually been so so , but I also wanted something we could do together.

We bought ready made pizza dough. As you can see below my able bodied assistant was able to get right into rolling out the dough. Most grocery stores have bags of pizza dough in the bakery section. The downside is that ready made dough is usually harder to work with since it has been worked over a bit. The upside is you can get to work right away which with kids is the key.

I put some flour on the counter top and she was able to start rolling out the pizza. Once we got the shape we wanted the next step was to bake one side of the pizza.

To do this I had my sous chef dust a cookie tray with some corn meal,

then we put the pizza dough on the cookie sheet on the top rack under the broiler.

and we broiled it until one side was nice and brown and cooked.

This will become the bottom or no-topping side of the pizza. From here on out it is a matter of what toppings you would like on your pizza. We went with half cheese and half meatball for the pizza.

A little bit of sauce-

A little bit of cheese-

A few meatballs and some more cheese-

Back under the broiler right on the rack until the toppings were melted.


The whole thing took about 30 minutes and it was really something that the whole family could do. I would do and have done it again several times.


wheresmymind said...

When making pizza, it is required that one listen to this song to get psyched up!

T.W. Barritt said...

Looks like you have an electric oven -- I've always struggled with getting the crust to brown, but I like your technique for using the broiler. (I shouldn't have read this just before dinner - now I'm starving, and nothings gonna measure up to your pizza!)