Thursday, November 16, 2006

Fried Rice

Any fan of the cartoon series , Fighting Foodons, knows that dishes served can win the battle. Much like an animated version of Iron Chef, Fighting Foodons pits dishes against each other in a battle of good versus evil.

It was in this vein that I whipped up some chicken fried rice after the P
ats miserable loss to the Jets this past Sunday.

Fried rice is very easy to make. That said I did take some shortcuts as I had a bunch of other stuff we needed to get done around the house. The basic key is to have s
ome day old rice since fresh rice, while tasting fine, will make your fried rice a sticky mess. We had some left over from the day before so I made a small amount to add to the existing amount.

We do have a rice cooker but I did not want to dig it out

That was short cut one. Short cut two was to use a bag of Cascadian Farm frozen vegetable blend rather then go with fresh veggies. I did add some fresh carrots we had in the house as well as some canned water chestnuts.

The third short cut was to cook the chicken in the over while I did other stuff rather then cook the chicken in the pan. I did however, mix the veggies with the rice in the large fry pan. I cooked the rice and veggie combo with a little oil a very small (about half a teaspoon) of sesame oil and some low salt soy sauce.
Once I was satisfied with the overall look and taste, I cut up the chicken added it the the mix and seasoned accordingly. Finally I took an egg that I had previously lightly scrambled and added it to the mix. The finished dish looked like this.

I microwaved some frozen Cascadian Farm Edamame in a small corning ware dish covered with water for about 5 minutes, drained the water and tossed with some sea salt.

Dinner was served.


wheresmymind said...

Sometimes gadgets like the rice cooker are more hassle than what they are worth

Nora said...

The fried rice dish looks great! I was also happy to read your comment on the knives. I was recently in Wegmans and I noticed two people in chef's coats talking about the knives. I didn't see which ones, but the next time I'm in Wegmans I'm going to see if they were the type you like.

And I agree about the rice cooker - digging it out can sometimes be more pain than progress.