Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Robble robble robble

An often overlooked comic / cartoon / mascot character is the Hamburglar. He should be that parton saint of hamburgers all over the word. The guy spent his time stealing hamburgers but everyone loved still loved him. If you had to choose between Wimpy from Popeye or the Hamburglar how could there even be a contest! The Hamburglar would always win.

The reason I mention this is that we were cooking
up some serious hamburgers the other night. I am not sure why the dinner menu rarely consists of hamburgers but they are something that we love to have. As much as I enjoy reading the Vegan Lunch Box , if it moos it is tasty in my book.

Some people get very funny with their burgers,

We don't roll that way (oh the burger humor!) but it did make for a good photo-

So this is how we pull together and top a burger at our household-

-Keep it normal. What I mean by that is that it is a hamburger, some people over think these things.

-Get hamburger with fat in it. People always complain about the dryness of their hamburgers at home and they do because they buy 90% or 95% lean meat. Short of grinding your own meat, buy at least 85% fat.

-If you buy store bought cheese (non-deli or non-block o'cheese) make sure that the slices you buy have cheese listed as the first ingredient. Seems funny that cheese would not have cheese in it, but until I read it in Cooks Illustrated I had no idea and now my cheese slices are very yummy.

-I am not gonna get into how to cook a burger other then don't play with it on the grill. If you want to read how to grill a burger Weber has some outstanding grill books. The basic things I would say is to 1) keep all your burgers the same size and shape (I have actually used a scale to weigh burgers for large parties so they would all cook the same) 2) press a little thumb mark in the middle 3) flip them once This is how we made up the burgers the other night that came out looking like this-

We went with that we had in the house which was the following- a bag of mixed greens, cherry tomatoes and cheddar slices, for toppings we went with mayo , ketchup and yellow mustard.

-We sliced the tomatoes thin so we could spread them out and placed them on the burger under (prior) to the cheese

-We layered the mixed greens (you can see some sticking out the back
-Put mayo on the bottom
-Put mustard and ketchup on top
-I lightly toasted my bun

We served it all up with a side of asparagus and corn we made on the grill.

Overall it was very easy to make, all done on the grill and very very delicious!

Thoughts comments?

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