Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I love corn.

Popcorn especially, but we can cover that at some other point. What I am talking about is corn on the cob. Seems everyone else loves it too. In fact you can even get a lively, fun-filled educational CD-ROM call Crazy About Corn for all the little ones you got on the farm. You can never start to early on brainwashing your children about corn. I for one will welcome our new corn overlords.

There are even websites that the whole purpose it to teach you how to cook corn on the cob.

If the photo of the flames on the Weber

is not enough to scare you away I don't know what is. Aside from the Weber, it is actually a good site and they most really love corn.

Here is where I take exception with the Bobby Flays of the world and even the how to cook corn on the cob site. No way I am going to soak corn for an hour before I grill it. This is not the barbecue version of corn where the need to cook it slow and low prevails. The recipe for microwaved corn on the cob has you soaking the corn for 30 minutes? WTF, why use a microwave if the prep time alone is 30 minutes, then you microwave for 10 minutes and then let it sit for another 10?

Here is how to make corn. It never fails and the only time we go old school and boil it is if we can not get to the grill.

  1. Buy corn - don't stand around and play with it and strip it all naked and then put it back and grab another. Pick an ear and put it in your bag.
  2. Leave it along, don't shuck it until you are ready to cook it.
  3. I like to clean it up a bit but you can either a) leave it alone b) shuck it or c) do what I do, trim the ends with a chefs knife and then shuck it.
  4. Place it in tinfoil with a little slice of butter. What kind of butter? What ever kind you have.
  5. Put it on the grill and cook the rest of your dinner. Turn it every once and awhile.
That is about it. Here are some handy before and after photos. It is also nice to include some salt, pepper, butter etc if people like that. A fresh stick of butter it good to roll the corn on.

A lovely before shot!

Aww, aren't they so cute and tasty!

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