Thursday, December 13, 2007

A whole lot of stuff

As my friend Rob pointed out a while back for a blog named Sauces and Stuff there is very little sauce and a whole lot of stuff. I did point out that the blog is names Sauces and Stuff, not Just Sauce so there is a little wiggle room here.

Rather then post the same ol, oh I made a turkey for Thanksgiving photos, I figured I would follow-up with a very simple salad dressing. Is that sauce enough for you Rob?

When most people think of Italian in Boston, they think of the North End. The North End, ain't what she used to be. For the most part the food is still very good but most of the smaller mom and pop restaurants have been replaced by more of the regional commercial type of restaurants. That combined with the lack of parking and waiting in line for a marginal meal makes the trip not worth the effort.

If I am in the area, the one exception I will always make is to stop by Bova Bakery . Bova is open every day 24 hours a day and serves fantastic pizza and calzones until 1:00 am.

For Southern Italian food one of the best restaurants I believe is Carlo's Cucina Italiana in Allston, MA. The food is fantastic, the prices are more then reasonable and the Stracciatella Alla Romana soup is to die for.

The house salad they serve is sinfully simple. Greens, thinly sliced carrots, olives, red onions and a simple dressing.

The dressing is easily made at home by combining, one part lemon juice to 5 parts light olive oil and a splash of red wine vinegar.

The dressing has a very simple flavor to it and it is best served by dressing the bowl and then adding the greens to it.

The final thing that makes this dressing so great is that pretty much at any time most folks have a lemon, olive oil and some red wine vinegar in their house. Try it tonight!

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