Friday, October 12, 2007


Earlier this week I was in California for work. While I usually do room service for dinner, I prefer to eat breakfast out.

If you are ever in the Silicon Valley area Hobbee's is pretty much a California institution.

Below is what I had for breakfast for under $10.00

The crazy looking bowl of eggs is actually their variation on Huevos Rancheros. According to the menu it is:

"Huevos Rancheros:
A tortilla topped with black bean chili, cheese, 2 eggs, sour cream, and tomatillo sauce.. Served with coffeecake, toast or Hobee's "Country-style" hashbrowns.($8.75)"

The huge slice of blueberry coffeecake is a standard at Hobee's.

So if you are ever in the Silicon Valley make sure to add Hobee's to your visit.
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