Wednesday, September 26, 2007


So wasn't I a lucky duck! For my birthday (which was several months ago) my wife made me dinner! Usually it is a team effort around the house but this time I got to hang with the kids and let her have a go in the kitchen. The dish was scallops in a butter cream sauce. The cream component being creme fraiche.

First the scallops dredged in a flour.

A little bit of butter into the pan.

The floured scallops go into their nice little butter bath!

Just about 45 seconds or so per side over medium heat.

Out come the scallops and into the pan goes the creme fraiche, some more butter and some lemon juice.

Let the whole thing come to a boil to reduce.

Then add some salt and pepper, top with parsley and it is done!

She served this with a side of fettuccine and some steamed asparagus. This was a hit and certainly a dish that we could serve for company.

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