Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Site Update

Lately the updates have been coming slower and slower here at Sauces and Stuff.

The reason is pretty straight forward.

On June -12th, the sou chef got an assistant in the kitchen as she welcomed her new baby sister into the world. I now have two sou chefs in the kitchens it is pretty exciting though sleep is at a premium these days.

When sleep returns so will the posts so bear with me!

I did make two subtle changes to the blog role. I dropped a blog that while I did read, I never felt that they actually ever made the food they wrote about. Something about the posts just never seemed authentic and it bothered me.

On a positive note, I added two new bbq blogs. The Hampton Smoker and White Trash BBQ. Please stop by them and check them out.


T.W. Barritt said...

Congratulations on the latest addition to the kitchen staff!

wheresmymind said...

CONGRATS!! How wonderful to have two little chefs :)