Thursday, January 18, 2007

I can mash potato

Well I can mash potato
Well I can do the twist
Woh tell me baby
Do you like it like this

A sinus infection has robbed me of most of my energy to cook. What I wanted to eat was something warm and comforting and required little effort to make.

hmm...mashed potatoes!

So while this is not the most exciting post it certainly is a tasty one. We had four red potatoes (or new potatoes), some butter and milk in the house. A quick peal and cut into fours and away the little fellas went into some salted cold water to be boiled. (as evidence to my lack of focus, I put them in whole and then had to take them out to cut them up again)

I boiled them until they fell off of a fork when picked up. To this I added about a tablespoon of butter and maybe a 1/4 of a cup of milk. We have a Kitchen Aid mixer as well as an old school electric hand mixer but for small amounts a 12 year old Braun Immersion Blender works great.

I added some more milk until I got a 'mashed potato' consistency.

Since I also had some left over Mexican cheese blend from tacos over the weekend. I added the cheese to the finished products and I ate away.

It was good for about three bites and then I was finished with it. Nothing wrong with it, just a bit too much for me when I was not feeling fantastic. Off to California next week and I plan to bring along the camera in case there are more photos of baby pigs to be taken.


T.W. Barritt said...

It can be tough to make a good mash -- looks pretty tasty to me, and the added cheese is the perfect finish. Hope you're feeling better - sinus infections are a killer.

wheresmymind said...

Should make some shepherds pie with that lovely mash!