Thursday, October 19, 2006

Loin cloth

Nothing says marital bliss like a huge pig at your wedding

I love Google image search (gis). When I start a post the first thing I do is hit gis and see what I can come up with. That usually sets the tone for me. If you gis roast pig you get 13,900 images. In the first page you get the normal roast pig photos but you also get one from the wedding, which is a bit strange.

While I have al
ways wanted to do the whole pig roast it honestly sort of freaks me out, so I stick with making a nice roast pork loin. So if your idea of a good time is to Christin your marriage with a nice pig let's Git-R-Done!

The meal was rather straight forward and had two themes to it: apple and roasting:

Salad with apples and walnuts
Homemade applesauce
Roast pork loin

Roasted red potatoes
Roasted asparagus

The apple sauce can be made the day before when yo
u brine the pork. The potatoes, the asparagus and the pork loin all go into the same oven, so to borrow Ron Popeil's catch phrase, you set it and forget it!

Starting 24 hours before you need to brine the pork. I won't go over that again so if you missed it you can read the post here.

I bought the pork loin at Whole Foods near us. They hav
e two options: an insanely priced pork tenderloin and a moderately priced pork loin. I would go with the pork loin, the cost per pound is much less and at Whole Foods, they already have the pork loin trimmed and tied.

I have no problem trimming and tying the roast myself, but it does save a bit of time. That is one pretty pig above! Here are two more views:

If you notice there is some fat on the bottom of the loin. This is fine and actually I choose to leave it on. When I prep the loin to serve I do trim it off. Even with the brining, pork is very lean so I choose to leave it on while in the oven. If this was a beef tenderloin I would trim it off.

From here it gets really complicated. You put the loin on a roasting rack or if you do not have one even a broiler pan will suffice. Then spray the loin lightly with some Pam on one side and then generously cover the Pam sprayed side with Cumin. I use the back of a spoon to spread the Cumin. It should look something like the photos below.

I place the whole thing into a pre-heated over at 325 until an instant read thermometer reads 155. That works out to be about 45-50 minutes give or take a few minutes. The asparagnus, I salt, pepper and a little olive oil in tin foil and placve into the over with about 20 mintues left. The same for the potaotes.

The finished loin should look something like this. I trim off the fat and slice onto a serving plate with the asparagus and the potatoes. I would pair the meal with a Pinot Noir.

Nothing like a close up shot of roasted pork loin!

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wheresmymind said...

Oh man...a whole pig BBQ would've been incredible for our wedding :D