Thursday, July 20, 2006

Pizza Sauce

I was in New York a few weeks ago for a wedding and had a slice of amazing pizza. I know it was probably standard NY stuff and since we were on LI and not in the city (where pizza places should look like this) who knows what we could of gotten for a slice of pie.

But it was that type of pizza where your mouth waters when you smell it and when you fold the pizza to eat it (the only way to eat pizza by the way) the crust actually snaps. Here in the Boston area there are some very good pizza places, my favorite is Sweet Tomatoes Pizza -

One of the things that makes their pizza (and the Caesar Salad is fantastic as well) is the sauce. Pizza sauce is very simple to f' up and most people do. What makes Sweet Tomatoes so good is that they use chunked/crushed tomatoes rather then a sauce. This gives the sauce texture as well as a bolder flavor. It really stands up to the multiple combinations of toppings you can get at STP. The use of crushed/chunked tomatoes also works well to make you own pizza at home. I will be making some this weekend and will talk about that next week.

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