Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A post about everything

This is a post about the most simple and delicious of things
a cupcake

I could leave it at that and enjoy the vanilla frosting, the multi-color jimmies and the soft chocolate cake but there is much more then just that.

For making these cupcakes was about everything in life that is important. Some sweetness, some delayed gratification (in the waiting for the cupcakes), some instant gratification (in the licking of the spoon), some silliness, a lot of laughing and spending time together putting cup cake mix on our noses.

For these were not just any cupcakes mind you, they were cupcakes that my 4 1/2 year old made with my wife and I. The cupcake baking kit was a present from one of our close friends who absolutely adores both of the girls. She also knows that every tooth in our 4 1/2 year olds mouth is a sweet tooth.

I have a lot of memories about my mother and most of then involve food and the kitchen. When I was sick, there was always a hot bowl of matzoth brei ready and when I could not keep that down a bowl of white rice. I remember the half a loaf of bread she used to make grilled cheese sandwiches after football practice freshman year and I remember that her matzoth balls were always soft and never rock hard.

I also remember my father making fresh apple sauce with my mom and my sister and I sneaking spoonfuls of the still hot sauces out of the pot. I also know that for the life of me I still manage to screw up omelets, while my father made such crazy ones as a banana and jelly omelet.

I cook because I enjoy it, I also cook because it keeps me connected to who I was as well as who I am. I get untold pleasure in being able to share that connection with our girls.

(setting the cups in just right)

(mom (as always) providing gentle guidance)

(one bit for the cupcake, one bit for me)

Some day years from now our children will be making cupcakes with their children. They will say, I used to make these with your grandparents when I was your age and that would be the sweetest thing of all.


T.W. Barritt said...

A great post! My younger brother and his wife are expecting a baby, and I was planning to make cupcakes this week for them as a surprise - it will be hard to top these!

Suzana said...

That's what I call team work topped with family quality time! Bradley, those cupcakes look great and I'm sure were very delicious.

Thanks for dropping by my blog and leave a nice note. :)

Anonymous said...

This post brought such a huge smile to my face, I just love the image of you guys baking with your 4 1/2 year old. What a delight!

Ari (Baking and Books)

Mansi Desai said...

The post was great, but the last line was just the icing on the cupcakes:)