Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I'm back, baby, I'm back

So talk about a real pain. First the computer went, then the camera went. Those two combined with being on the road for three weeks left little time and content to blog about. For the 2 or 3 people who read this blog I am sure it has been heartbreaking.

One of the posts I had in the proverbial can was from Passover. When I was just a little one my mother used to make my sister and I fried matzah or more commonly matzah brie. It is one of those things that either you like or you don't and you either have a way you make it or you don't

While there are a lot of recipes for matzah brie (google returned 32,000 hits actually) it is fairly simple.

Eggs, salt, butter, matzah.

If there is some raw onion in the house I like to sweat the onion in the butter first and then add the eggs and matzah.

So very complicated: Scramble the eggs.

Soften the matzah in water a bit. You want it soft not goopy.

Mix the eggs with the matzah. I like a 4 or so whole matzah pieces broken up to 2 eggs, but some people like more matzah some like less.

Put the whole thing in a fry pan with the butter and scramble the mess of it. Add some salt and perhaps butter and ta'da!

This is one of my favorite foods, so simple and it totally reminds me of growing up.


T.W. Barritt said...

'Bout time you got back. Looks pretty delicious to me.

chemcookit said...

Hey Bradley! This looks great! Also, I'm really glad you showed what matzah is. I read about it a few times and was pretty curious to see it.. so maybe now I'll try to buy a package of it at the grocery store!